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The Gelato Festival is on tour

The mouth-watering event will stop off in Rome, featuring the new cocktail gelato, the latest delicious specialty from Fabbri. After the extraordinary success of the event in Florence, which saw 300,000 people take part, the Gelato Festival is going on tour around Italy, along with this important part of Italian cultural heritage, in which Fabbri has played a key role.


There was lots of fun to be had at the events in Milan and Turin, which took place in two beautiful squares, and we can look forward to even more when the Gelato Festival arrives in Rome.  From 21 to 23 June, the final leg of the tour will be in the Italian capital to celebrate the history of this frozen specialty, which was invented by the multi-talented artist Bernardo Buontalenti.  In 1559, at the Medici court, he created a chilled cream made with milk, honey, egg yolk and wine, and flavored with citrus fruits. However, the cities of Rome and Turin also played an important role in the evolution of gelato. Several historical sources suggest that even the Ancient Romans used to enjoy a dessert that was similar to sorbet, while in Turin, the cook and pastry chef of the House of Savoy, Giovanni Vialardi, was the first to make the distinction between gelato and sorbet. Fabbri has also taken part in this historical journey, since the company was founded over a century ago, and its products have contributed to the creation of delicious gelato, whilst always aiming for innovation. The latest result of this constant search for innovation is the cocktail gelato, a mouth-watering new treat from Fabbri, which people can enjoy at the next two Gelato Festival events.

The flavors available include Black Ice Amarena and Strawberry Peach, which are alcohol-free and therefore suitable for both kids and adults, and Mojito and Irish Ginger Banana, which contain alcohol and so are for adults only. If you’re trying to find the Fabbri stand on this tasty tour, just look out for our unmistakable blue and white jar. You can also find Buontalenti at the event, namely the biggest mobile artisan gelato workshop ever built, where the public can watch the preparation of top quality artisan gelato all day long.