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The emotional cooking of Barbara Torresan

«For me, cooking is something really emotional, and I’ve tried to express that in the pages of my books». 

The emotional cooking of Barbara Torresan

This is Barbara Torresan’s view of cooking.  She is a well-known, popular food-stylist/blogger, and now she’s been enlisted by Fabbri too. Her blog, entitled “Chez Babs”, began three years ago, partly because of her passion for cooking, and partly by chance.  Today it has over 600 followers and a total of 250,000 annual visits.  Now Babs, as her friends and internet followers call her, is also branching out into publishing, with two books“Cocotte all’italiana” (Italian Cocotte) and “Biscotti di Natale” (Christmas Biscuits). 

«It’s a dream come true – says Barbara – the publisher Guido Tommasi recruited me for a book on cooking with cast iron,which resulted in “Cocotte all’italiana”. We established a working relationship based on trust and respect and… soon afterwards I was working on the second book». The recipes are explained step by step, and are inspired by Italian tradition, although they are reinterpreted by Babs. Her dishes range from onion soup to orecchiette with meatballs, from chicken chasseur to caciucco (a type of fish soup), to desserts and Grandpa Alfeo’s legendary rabbit, and the book reveals a lot about its author. «On one hand I’m a very practical woman – claims Barbara – I’m a working mum and so I know how much time and commitment are involved in cooking.  That means my dishes have to be simple and achievable. On the other hand cooking is something I find really emotional». This is the same philosophy behind the recipes that Babs has created with Amarena. 

«I grew up with Fabbri Amarenas in my granny’s store cupboard,  with the legendary white and blue jar that fortunately still has the same color and decoration, but Amarenas still inspire me to experiment with new recipes. One of the recipes that I’m working on combines amarena and fish. I really hope you’ll be impressed!».