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San Valentino: the wonder of being always in love

San Valentino: the wonder of being always in love. Celebrate your Valentine's Day with Fabbri products!


Also this year the party of lovers is just around the corner... Do you want to surprise your partner? Fabbri offers you three sweet recipes that will satisfy even the most refined palates.

For cocktail lovers, here is the perfect recipe for a romantic toast: Cocktail Amarena Amore Mio combines the freshness of bubbles with the timeless taste of Amarena Fabbri.

We also suggest a dessert with a fresh and mouth-filling consistency, such as the  Gelatine di Amarena Fabbri  (jellies): a concentrate of taste and color.

Last but not least we suggest a recipe with chocolate: try the i cioccolatini di pasta di mandorle con Amarena Fabbri, (lmond paste chocolates with Amarena Fabbri) their tastiness will please all palates. The crunchy cocoa, the sweetness of almond paste and a soft filling of Amarena is the ideal mix to win the hearts of your love



By: fancyfactorylab


1 Amarena Fabbri jar

1 1/2 shot of Strega liqueur

20 gr of jelly in sheets

250 ml water

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Rest time in the refrigerator: 2-3 hours

Quantity: For 40 cubes


First, soak the jellies in sheets (with cold water).Take a sieve to separate the cherries from the syrup. Put the water (250ml) in a small saucepan and place it on the stove over medium heat. Add the Amarena syrup and heat the mixture (which should lightly boil). Squeeze well the jelly and place it in the saucepan that will have reached the temperature to melt the jelly sheets. Mix the mixture very well so that the jelly is distributed evenly, then add the Strega liqueur. Let the mixture cool then pour it into one or more molds. Place the Amarena Fabbri fruits in the bowl as if to form a grid. Place the bowl n the refrigerator gently for at least 2-3 hours. Cover the mold thoroughly with aluminum foil (please remember: water is the worst enemy of jellies). Then place the mold in a small pan and cover up to the edge of the mold with hot water (this procedure will allow us to extract the jellies quickly and safely). After 1 minute, remove the mold from the pan, remove the aluminum and turn it upside down on a cutting board. Cut the jelly into small cubes with a sharp knife, making sure that the Amarena stays at the center of each cube. Serve the jellies and refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving.

Suggestion: if you are not fond of alcohol, or simply want to prepare jellies for your children, do not use  the liqueur.

Recipe by: Fancy Factory Baking Lab



By: Panza and presence


Almond paste *

Fabbri Kroccant

Amarena Fabbri

 * For the Almond paste:

250 g of icing sugar

250 g of white almonds

20 g of glucose syrup

30 g of water

5 drops of natural bitter almond aroma


Remove a handful of cherries from their syrup and place them in a small colander. Take pieces of almond paste and make small balls. At in the center of each ball insert one Amarena Fabbri (make sure it is dry) and close the ball. Continue until the almond paste is finished. Put the Fabbri Kroccant in a glass bowl and pour the balls into it making them roll over the Kroccant. Then place the balls on baking paper and refrigerate to make the chocolate solidify.

To prepare almond paste:

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and blend them.

Recipe by: Panza and presence