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Life and memories in the recipe book from the “Sorelle in pentola”

Of all the challenges they have faced, this one has given the most satisfaction, because it is tangible evidence of all their hard work.  And it also means that Mum, who isn’t exactly known for her love of technology, can finally read the recipes too! 

Life and memories in the recipe book from the “Sorelle in pentola”

Chiara Maci, one of the most popular food bloggers on the website www.amarena, together with her sister Angela, has published the book that all the readers of the blog “Sorelle in Pentola” were waiting for. It’s called “Due c’è più gusto”, published by Pendragon, and will be presented by the Maci sisters on Monday 19 at the Feltrinelli book store in Piazza Ravegnana 1 in Bologna. There are 120 totally new recipes, based around 60 ingredients, for which each of the two bloggers have created a dish they love. Angela’s recipes are more traditional, whilst Chiara’s are more creative.  She says “We have tried to maintain the style of our website on paper, staying faithful to the distinctive characteristics of the blog, namely simplicity and genuineness.  Then we wanted readers to see our personalities, which are very different, and how they come together in the kitchen. Angela, 32 years old, is the calmer of the two.  She has a husband and two children and is more settled.  I, on the other hand, am 28 years old, and my lifestyle is rather more chaotic.  I’m single and I love city life.  All the same I’m really close to my sister, thanks to this passion which we share, which has been passed down in our family. In order to show readers a bit about our background, we have chosen to accompany each recipe with a short anecdote about our lives. Our loves, even those that ended badly, our friends, our travels and our memories are all reflected in the book, because these experiences have all given us inspiration for our dishes”. ?The success of the “Sorelle in Pentola” doesn’t stop here, however. From 19 September, Chiara will be back for the second year running on the TV channel La 7d with new episodes from the show “Cuochi e fiamme”.  It is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6.40pm. «It’s presented by the chef Simone Rugiati, - she says – and I’m on the jury together with Fiammetta Fadda and Riccardo Rossi. One day I wrote them an email offering to come on the show as a guest, and then they asked me to become one of the stars». And it all started with a blog. «But it’s a blog that involves a lot of commitment and passion… not a day goes by when we don’t post a new recipe».