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La Mantia. A Master Chef for Amarena Fabbri

The new Amarena Fabbri Brand Portal would not be complete without the voice of a food authority and celebrated fan of the most beloved red fruit.

La Mantia. A Master Chef for Amarena Fabbri

The Bologna company has chosen internationally renowned chef Filippo La Mantia as its brand ambassador, who will infuse this website with his ideas and his Amarena based recipes.

La Mantia’s style of cooking is simple, versatile and deeply connected with tradition, which makes it the perfect fit with Fabbri’s philosophy.

“Many of my recipes are Amarena based. Returning to simplicity is my mission in the kitchen, from the ingredients I choose to their preparation.”

Filippo La Mantia is a Palermo native, and nine years ago he began his career as a self-taught cook with a single goal: give people the experience of tasting genuine traditional cuisine.

Today Filippo La Mantia is a successful chef. His recipes are published in top magazines, and people line up to eat the Sicilian cuisine he serves up at his Via Veneto restaurant in Rome. The restaurant mixes old with new and is the perfect setting for La Mantia’s brilliant combination of creativity and innovation with his island’s traditional cuisine.

About Amarena Fabbri, the chef says, "Amarena Fabbri has always been by my side; it’s part of my life. There’s always a blue and white jar in my kitchen. It’s the star of a dessert on my menu inspired by a traditional granita of Palermo that people would drink while walking down the street: la Marenata. The dessert is an Amarena mousse presented in a round form like the fruit with Amarena cherries nestled within.”