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Do you want to know if he’s the one? Ask him what his favorite gelato is!

Is he the man for you? Take him to a gelato shop. 

Do you want to know if he’s the one? Ask him what his favorite gelato is!

At least that’s according to Viviana Finistrella, a psychologist who specializes in nutritional issues, who has recently carried out some research for Aidi, the Italian confectionery industry association. 

She has drawn up a psychological profile of the perfect man, starting with his choice of gelato. 

«It’s a food – explains Finistrella – which recalls the “legendary” moments of childhood and adolescence, from a psychological point of view.  As such it activates behavior and characteristics from that age of development, such as a sense of freedom, the desire to form friendships, and the chance to be oneself and forget appearances and formality. The simple way of tasting gelato allows people to forget formality and enjoy a moment of pleasure without feeling the need to stay in control». 

Do you want to try out this test for yourself? Here are a few tips: men who eat Wafer cones enjoy a complete sensory experience, without denying themselves anything – there’s a crunchy part to bite too.  Men who opt for a gelato on a Stick reveal resourcefulness and curiosity, but also a bit of insecurity, because they need something to hold onto. 

Watch out for men who choose Popsicles if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship – they like instant gratification, and don’t want to wait for anything. Anyone who chooses Cookie gelato needs a lot of reassurance – it’s a bit too like a snack made by their mothers!  Lastly, there are those who prefer a tub of gelato, who always want to have control of the situation. It’s the only gelato in a “container”, and so it’s not free, even in the way you eat it, because you need a spoon. And what about when you’ve found your Prince Charming? Hold on tight to him, and give him some gelato with our beloved amarenas!