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Chinese New Year with Fabbri 1905: what a tasteful new year!

The period between the end of January and the beginning of March for the Chinese population corresponds to the New Year celebrations. This is an important holiday for the Chinese people, who celebrate the beginning of the new year with great events and initiatives.


The Chinese New Year falls between January and February and marks the beginning of a new year under a particular sign of the zodiac.

2021 will be the year of the ox, an animal that characterizes all the year. In fact, according to the Chinese calendar, the different signs of the zodiac would influence those born during the current year with certain characteristics. Chinese New Year marks the transition between zodiac signs: 2021 is the year of the Ox; 2020 the year of the Rat.

Celebrations last up to 16 days, but only the first 7 days are considered a public holiday (February 11th–17th, 2021).

The New Year, or Spring Festival, is lived with intense emotion by the Chinese population all over the world and not only in their country of origin. The celebrations are accompanied by a long period of rituals, performances, so as to propitiate the new year in the best possible way and hope for rich months ahead.

During these days of celebration, many traditional dishes are eaten, first courses, main courses, but also desserts.

Here are Fabbri's suggestions for celebrating New Year's Eve:


Red velvet Latte

Red velvet powder 7g
Fabbri Mixybar caramel 10ml
Milk 200ml
Espresso 30ml
Fragola Fabbri 1

How to prepare:
Froth 200ml milk with 5g red velvet powder and 10ml caramel syrup and pour it into the espresso, decorate with 1 Fragola Fabbri and 2g red velvet powder.

Cocktail CNY

Marendry 50ml
Mixbar Wild Fruit 10ml
Lemon Juice 10ml
Orange Juice 50ml
Garnish: Amarena Fabbri, Orange Peel

How to prepare:

Mix well all ingredients except orange juice in the glass with ice, then slowly add orange juice into the glass, garnish with Amarena Fabbri and orange peel.

Amarena Sugar-coated haws

Mix 200g of sugar and 100ml of water and heat to 150 ℃. After removing the core of the hawthorn, put Amarena into it, skewered and wrap it with the boiled syrup, and let it cool down.


红丝绒粉 7g
牛奶 200ml
浓缩咖啡 30ml
装饰:法布芮糖渍草莓 1颗

将 5g 红丝绒粉、10ml 焦糖糖浆和 200ml 牛奶在奶缸中打发后倒入浓缩咖啡中,用1颗糖渍草莓和 2g 红丝绒粉装饰即可。


法布芮阿玛蕾娜利口酒 50ml
法布芮森林浆果糖浆 10ml
柠檬汁 10ml
橙汁 50ml
装饰: 法布芮阿玛蕾娜野樱桃,橙皮




1,将法布芮阿玛蕾娜野樱桃放入去核山楂中,串成串; 2,将200g 糖和100ml 水混合加热至150℃ 3,用熬制好的糖浆均匀包裹串成串的山楂后静置冷却即可。