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Amarena lands in China

The legendary Amarena jar, with its white and blue decoration inspired by Chinese tradition, was designed by the potter Enrico Gatti at the beginning of the 20th century.  


Who know what he would say if he knew that his creations can now be found in China itself? He would probably we really proud, knowing that Fabbri’s aim is to reach 300 million Chinese people, counting on the country’s new middle class and its fascination with new Italian trends and products, especially when it comes to food. Amarena is already really popular in China where it features on the menus of loads of ice-cream parlors, pastry shops and restaurants.  Now, however, Amarena Fabbri can be enjoyed by the Chinese at home, combining Italian taste with traditional Chinese recipes, such as the famous Moon Cake, the amarena of version of which looks set to be a delicious new popular treat.

It was Nicola Fabbri, the President of Fabbri 1905 Food Trading Corporation who lives in China for much of the year, who made the decision to employ only local managers and workers as part of Fabbri’s conquest of China.  This was a greatly appreciated gesture, earning Fabbri the nickname of “egg company”, namely one that is white on the outside but yellow on the inside, as a western company with a Chinese heart. 

Amarena Fabbri’s debut in Chinese retail was marked with a double celebration.  On 5 May the Italian Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo was specially reopened for the occasion, which involved a huge party with a thousand guests, hosted by the Italian Consulate in China. In honor of the elite of the Italian community, a great big Italian Dessert was prepared by Da Marco, the chef from the most famous Italian restaurant in Shanghai.  The desert was conceived by the master pastry chefs from Fabbri 1905 for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.  On 9 June, Hotel Westin in Shanghai, a symbol of the city, hosted the Fabbri Gala.  At the restaurant Prego, a temple of Italian cooking abroad, which has been named as one of the top 50 restaurants in China, more than 600 guests enjoyed a menu entirely based on Amarena Fabbri.