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Amarena Enchantment

The adventure began when the chef Stefano De Geronimo, after his experience in Beijing... during the 2008 Olympics, was offered the job of managing the restaurant Prego, at the Westin Bund Centre in Shanghai, which is one of the most fashionable places in the Chinese metropolis.

Amarena Enchantment

He has risen to the challenge, thanks to his skill in combining Italian style with creativity. As a result, Prego is now one of the top Italian restaurants in Shanghai and has also won important awards.  Surely he could never have imagined, however, that top quality Italian products such as Fabbri Amarena would also have led to him meeting the love of his life. It seems that the beautiful girl in the photo was won over by the flavor of Amarena, which our own Stefano helped her discover. 

And how did it all turn out? Well, they lived happily ever after! On August 25 Stefano and the pretty Chinese girl (who preferred to remain anonymous) got married. It looks like Amarena is truly capable of enchantment...