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Amarena, a legend in a jar

When people talk about Fabbri, they always think of the image of the jar before amarenas or cherries come to mind. 

Amarena, a legend in a jar

This iconic image has helped to consolidate the legendary status of the historic Bolognese company, and has now become a real collector’s item.  

The idea of making the sale of amarenas more refined by using elegant ceramic jars came from Gennaro Fabbri, who commissioned the work from Angelo Minghetti: the Bolognese potter created a model which was inspired by traditional jars used in pharmacies. However, the original model was not around for long, and was soon replaced by the work of the potter from Faenza, Angelo Gatti.  He came up with the ceramic model which we all know and love today. The finely shaped jar, with its porcelain-style blue decoration on a white background reflected the style of Chinese ceramics, which had made their way to Italy from China thanks to the East India Company.

According to tradition, before it became part of the company’s commercial and advertizing success, the jar was a gift from company founder Gennaro to his wife Rachele Buriani, to thank her for coming up with the recipe for the new product, Amarena, which would go hand in hand with the production of syrups.

The original jars are virtually impossible to get hold of nowadays, and are worth a considerable amount of money. However, if you’re looking for one, perhaps as a Christmas gift, some models from the 1960s can be found on eBay and specialized websites, with prices ranging from about €100 to €200.