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A Tribute to the Great Italian Artist Andrea Di Marco

“Sweet Weight” is the name of one of the works that won the second edition of the Fabbri Art Prize in 2007, which is carefully preserved today at the company’s headquarters.  


It is an oil on canvas painted in the dark, which was Andrea Di Marco’s secret technique.  We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the artist, who passed away at the beginning of November, and who was famous for his realism, as well as being one of the key figures of new Sicilian painting, together with Alessandro Bazan, Fulvio Di Piazza and Francesco De Grandi. 

Everyone at Fabbri has fond memories of Andrea Di Marco, and the good times we spent together.  We were truly honored to award him the Fabbri Art Prize.

Andrea will be greatly missed by everyone in the art world, but also by everyone who came to know and love his personality.  He was sometimes shy, and often ironic, but always sweetened by his unmistakable cheeky grin.