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A new Amarena version of the evergreen Rigo Jancsi Cake

The story beyond the recipe of the Rigo Jancsi cake is a tale of love and passion that has been conquering many palates for years.


This cake is the symbol of the Istrian tradition and was created thanks to the passionate encounter of the first violin of a gypsy orchestra, Rigo Jancsi precisely and Clara Chimay Ward,an  American heiress married to the Belgian prince of Chimay.

Even if the woman was married, she approached the Gypsy musician, and they started a passionate love story that led them to marriage a few years later: as they say,”heart decides on its own”. In order to pay homage to this union Rigo asked a friend of Hungarian origin and pastry chef, to create a special cake in honor of Clara and himself.

Over the years this dessert has become so famous and appreciated that it has been revisited several times over, some ingredient or some stages of its creation have been modified.

The famous cook, Lidia Bastianich known to the general public also for her television successes, created her own version of the cherished RIGO JANCSI CAKE she knows  very well  given her Istrian origins.

Thanks to the recent partnership with Fabbri, Lidia Bastianich created her version of the dessert using Amarena Fabbri. She suggested an intense tasting dessert in which chocolate and black cherry combine perfectly. A tasty recipe that even in this variant shows how such a notable as well as rich in passion and legendary dessert can be revisited by continuing to conquer the palate of those who taste it.

A cake that wins not only for its sweetness but also for the everlasting and romantic love story that continues to lead us over time.