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Sweet Ravioli


200 g gluten-free flour

2 eggs

Fabbri Amarenas

Top Fabbri Amarena 

Cream for desserts


20 - 60 minutes


x 2



I used gluten-free flour, but it you don’t have celiac disease, you can use regular flour for desserts. I mixed the flour with the (large) eggs until the mixture was smooth and soft (about 5 minutes). Then I dried the Fabbri Amarenas with some kitchen paper. I rolled out the dough into a thin layer (I didn’t have time to use the pasta machine) and arranged the amarenas, two by two, on top of the dough, before folding it over the amarenas, and cutting it into squares with a pastry wheel.  In the meantime, I brought some water to the boil.  Then I added the ravioli and turned down the heat so the water was simmering. I cooked the ravioli for about 7 – 8 minutes and then drained them, placed them on a plate and “dressed” them with fresh cream and a drizzle of Fabbri gluten-free Amarena Top. Delicious!!! Thanks Mum :-))

Recipe by soniatim