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Ricotta and Amarena Swiss Roll


For the base 

3 eggs

80 g cane sugar

70 g 00 flour

20 g potato starch

1 pinch of cream of tartar

20 g chopped almonds

1 pinch of fleur de sel (sea salt)

2 spoonfuls water

The seeds of ½ vanilla pod

For the filling

300 g cow’s milk ricotta

2 spoonfuls cane sugar

Fabbri Amarenas in syrup, as required

80 g white chocolate, cut into little pieces


20 - 60 minutes


x 8

Ricotta and Amarena Swiss Roll


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Beat the yolks with the cane sugar and the egg whites with the pinch of salt. When the egg yolk and sugar mixture is foamy, add the flour a little at a time, sifted together with the potato starch and cream of tartar. When the mixture is smooth, stir in the chopped almonds, water and vanilla seeds. Then add the stiffly whisked egg whites, stirring them in gently from bottom to top using a wooden spoon, so they do not lose their volume. Pour the mixture into a rectangular Swiss roll tin lined with greaseproof paper (I wet the paper and then squeeze out the excess water, so it becomes soft and sticks to the tin well) and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180° for about 10 minutes or until it is slightly golden. Gently remove the Swiss roll from the tin onto a damp tea towel, remove the greaseproof paper and roll it up.  When it has cooled, fill with the ricotta mixed with the sugar, Fabbri amarenas and pieces of chocolate.  Roll it up again and cover it with plastic wrap, before leaving in the refrigerator to become firm. After about an hour, serve dusted with icing sugar.

Recipe by crysania83