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Millefeuille with Amarena

By: Fabbri

Amarena Fabbri

For the puff pastry


350 gr Flour

175 gr Water

15 gr Salt


50 gr Butter

150 gr Flour 00

For the chantilly cream

100 gr Pastovocrem

25 gr Sugar

20 gr Starch

225 gr Milk

25 gr Cream

5 gr Delipaste Vanilla

270 gr Whipped cream


20 - 60 minutes


x 4

Millefeuille with Amarena


Puff  Pastry

Mix all the ingredients for 10 minutes and leave to rest.


Roll the soften butter and the flour in to a rectangle and leave to rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Place the ”beurrage” in the center of the “detrempe” previously rolled in a bigger rectangle. Fold the four edges of the “detrempe” over the butter enclosing it completely. Work the dough with the technique of the six turns. Bake at 200°C for 15 minutes.

Chantilly Cream

Place the milk in a pan together with the Vanilla and the cream. Bring to a boil. Beat well the Pastovocrem together with the sugar and the starch. Add the milk, blend with a whisk and boil until it reaches a creamy consistency. Lay on a mould and cover with a plastic film leaving no air between the film and the custard to prevent the surface from drying. Shock freeze till 4°C. Add 270 g of whipped cream.

Asembling the cake

Make three layers of puff pastry and chantilly cream with chopped Amarena Fabbri.

Garnish with icing sugar and Amarena Fabbri.