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Black cherry banana pancakes


40 ml seed oil 

10 ml lemon juice 

125 g cherry yogurt 

1 ripe banana (c.100 g)

60 ml Fabbri Amarena syrup 

135 g 00 flour

1 large egg 

Pinch of salt 

2 teaspoons sugar 

1 teaspoon baking powder 

A few Amarenas and a few drops of Fabbri Fruits of the Forest topping


Less than 20 minutes


x 2



Beat the egg yolks together with the sugar until the mixture is light and foamy. Squash the bananaand add it to the yogurt, the oil, the syrup and the lemon juice, and stir well. Gently add the mixture to the beaten egg yolks.  Whisk the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt and gently fold them into the rest of the ingredients. Sift the flour and baking powder together and add to the previously prepared mixture.  I then covered the mixture with plastic wrap and left it in the refrigerator overnight, for practical reasons, but you can use it immediately if you prefer. Melt a tiny bit of butter in a frying pan, preferably a heavy one with a thick base, and keep on a low heat.  Pour a couple of spoonfuls of batter into the middle of the pan (and it will automatically spread out towards the sides), and as soon as the surface starts to bubble, flip the pancake over and cook the other side for about one minute. Finally, I poured a bit of syrup and Fruits of the Forest topping onto the warm stacked pancakes, together with a couple of amarenas.

Recipe by claudia85recca