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Apple and Amarena Strudel


8 sheets filo pastry  

1/4 cup (60 ml) melted unsalted butter

2 teaspoons (10 ml) icing sugar 

4 apples, peeled, cored and finely chopped  

2/3 cup (150 ml) Fabbri Amarenas 

1/4 cup (60 ml) cane sugar

3 spoonfuls (45 ml) flour 

3/4 teaspoon (4 ml) cinnamon powder


More than 1 hour


x 6



First make the filling: Mix the apples, amarenas, can sugar, flour and cinnamon powder together in a bowl, and put it to one side. Roll out a sheet of pastry on a worktop, and cover the pastry with a damp cloth to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Brush the pastry with the melted butter. Cover with another layer of pastry and brush with melted butter again. Put a quarter of the filling onto one strip of the pastry, leaving a border of about 1cm. Roll up the pastry and press the edges together, and then brush with butter. Put the strudel on a baking tray. Repeat with the other ingredients to make a further 3 rolls of strudel, and put them all on the baking tray. Bake on a low shelf in a pre-heated oven at 220 ° C for 15 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 190° C and bake for a further 50 minutes, until the outside of the strudels is golden and crunchy. Leave to cool for 15 minutes and then put the strudels on a plate. Sprinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon powder and serve.

Recipe by mattoxxxx