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Amarena Fabbri Cappuccino


500 ml custard

20 Fabbri Amarenas

2 meringues

Chocolate sprinkles and decorations 

For the custard

4 egg yolks

100 g sugar 

50 g flour 

500 ml cold milk

30 g butter

1 sachet of vanillin 

A piece of lemon rind


20 - 60 minutes


x 4

Amarena Fabbri Cappuccino


Prepare the custard and leave to cool completely. Put a couple of spoonfuls into a cappuccino cup (it will look even prettier if the cup is transparent). Place 5 Amarenas and 3 teaspoons of Amarena syrup on top of the layer of custard, and then cover with another 2 spoonfuls of custard. Complete with a crushed meringue and some dark chocolate sprinkles.
For the custard: Beat the sugar and egg yolks together to make a soft, uniform mixture. Sieve in the flour and stir continuously with a wooden spoon to avoid lumps. When the mixture is smooth and creamy, slowly pour in the cold milk, stirring constantly. Then add the lemon rind (or more than one piece if you want to add extra flavor) and the vanillin. Bring to the boil on a low flame, stirring all the time. When the mixture comes to the boil, reduce the heat and leave to cook.  You can adjust the thickness of the custard by letting it boil for longer (minimum time 2 minutes and maximum time 4-5 minutes).

Recipe by SIMONA